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[[Dwayne and Nick are meeting in Dwayne's office about cleaning up Trent's marketing mess]]
Dwayne: I just got off the phone with Mr. Jones of Goodman Rubber. I think I've cleared up Trent's muddying of the waters.
Nick: Good.

Dwayne: Unfortunately, that means we'll need to negotiate a new requirements document. I want you to meet with their IT lead next week to iron things out.
Nick: Okay.

Dwayne: Maybe two geeks can speak the same language and get it right.
Nick: You don't suppose Trent's going to get us into any more trouble...?

[[Meanwhile, Trent is on the phone in his own office]]
Trent: And we can outsource your entire HR services, with bargain basement prices! What do you say to that, Mr. Gates?

{{Title text: Sales Pitch}}

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