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[Comic for Sunday, March 30, 2003]


[[Nicole Duncan is in her bathroom, putting on earrings]]
<<Bring Bring>>
Dwayne: Hurry up, Honey... your boss won't be too happy if you show up late for your own promotion dinner...
Nicole: I know... will you get the phone?

[[The Duncans are in their living room, Dwayne holding the phone]]
Dwayne: Bad news. Charlotte came down with a cold.
Nicole: Great. How are we going to come up with a babysitter this late?

[[Sharon is working at GPF]]
Sharon: Um, sorry, Dwayne, but I'm hip deep in that server migration...

[[Ki is in her apartment with a plumber]]
Ki: Sorry, but the pipes burst in my apartment, and the repair guy is still here...

[[Nick is welding with his uncle Otto]]
Nick: I'm kind of busy at the moment, but I think I know someone you can try...

[[Persephone is holding a paper from Nicole]]
Nicole: I must be completely out of my mind...
Persephone: So this is the number I can reach you at in an emergency

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