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[[Nicole and Dwayne pick up Sydney]]
Nicole: Thank you very much for watching Sydney for us, Persephone.
Persephone: You're very welcome, Mrs. Duncan.
Sydney: Bye...

Nicole: Here's your pay. Um, can I ask, what exactly does a slime mold need money for...?
Persephone: Oh, to pay the rent.
Nicole: Oh.

[[Nicole, Dwayne, and Sydney leave the apartment, Sydney's holding Fred]]
Dwayne: See? That wasn't so bad. Sydney had a fun time and she's safe and sound.
Nicole: Sigh... I guess you're right.

[[Nicole removes Fred from Sydney]]
Nicole: Although I wish they had cleaned her up. What is this green stuff?
Fred: Just slip me in that trash can as you go by...
Sydney: Bye, Fed.

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