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Nick: Mr. Jones, I'm Nick Wellington from GPF Software. Dwayne Duncan sent me over...
Mr. Jones: Ah, yes! Welcome to Goodman Rubber, Nick!

Mr. Jones: Dwayne told me about the minor mix-up with Trent's proposal, and I agree with his plan to let you hash out the details with our head of I
T, Trish.

Mr. Jones: Trish, this is Nick Wellington from GPF. Nick, this is Patricia Marshall. I'll let you two get started.

Nick: Ms. Marshall...
Trish: Trish, please. I've already created a rough draft of a requirements document. If you have a Palm, I can beam it to you.

Nick: Sure. While you do that, I'll go get a quick drink of water.
Trish: Left down the hall, then right. You can't miss it.

Trish (thinking): Cute butt.

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