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[Comic for Tuesday, April 8, 2003]


[[Nick & Trish are in her office.]]
Nick: I think we've got a great start here. I'll run this by our staff and make sure they agree.
Trish: Super.

[[Trish looks coyly at Nick.]]
Trish: Say, why don't we get together tonight and discuss your team's thoughts over dinner?
Nick: Um, dinner?

[[Trish stands.]]
Trish: You don't already have plans, do you?
Nick: Technically, um, no...
Trish: Great! I'll meet you at Luigi's at 7.

[[Nick looks nervous. Trish stops at the corner and smiles, looking back over her shoulder.]]
Nick (thinks): Why do I have this gut feeling that Ki is going to kill me?

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