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[[Nick gets back to GPF and walks into Ki's office. Sharon is standing behind Ki.]]
Ki: Hey, handsome. How'd the powwow with Goodman Rubber go?
[[Nick tugs at his collar nervously.]]
Nick: Okay, I think...

[[Sharon looks at Nick. Nick's eyes are getting wider and he is getting more nervous.]]
Nick: Um, Ki, do we have any plans tonight? You know, dinner, movie, LAN party...
Ki: Nope. I'm doing laundry tonight.

Nick: You SURE about that? Nothing going on around 7, let's say miles away from Luigi's...?
[[Ki turns around in her seat.]]
Ki: No... But I'm definitely wondering why you'd ask.

[[Nick scratches the back of his head, sweating.]]
Nick: I, um, sort of have a date tonight...
[[Sharon points out of the door and looks solemnly at Ki. Ki is just staring at Nick blankly.]]
Sharon: I'll go wait in the other room. PLEASE don't get bloody fleshy bits in the servers...

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