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[[Nick is seated before Sharon & Ki. Ki folds her arms. Nick looks nervous.]]
Ki: Let me get this straight. You're having dinner with some girl from Goodman Rubber to discuss their requirements doc?
Nick: Yeah...

Ki: Sounds innocent to me. Just a business dinner...
Sharon: Yeah, but couldn't it wait 'til Monday? And at LUIGI'S? That's pretty swanky for a business dinner.

[[Ki reaches over and puts her hand on Nick's.]]
Ki: Sharon, Nick and I have a mature relationship, and I know him well enough to TRUST him. Do you think he'd come in here and TELL me if he was cheating on me?

[[Sharon puts a finger to her chin, inquisitively.]]
Sharon: Actually, with Nick, I'd half expect it.
[[Ki's eyes narrow a bit, Nick starts sweating profusely.]]
Ki: Yeah, he's almost annoyingly honest in that way...
[[Nick starts shaking.]]
Nick: That's a GOOD thing, right?

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