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[[Ki explains the situation to Dexter, who is standing next to Sharon, seated on a desk. Ki is seated in a chair, across from them. Ki holds her finger to her chin, thinking. Dexter holds his hand out, recapping what he found out.]]
Dexter: So Nick's going to a business dinner with some chick, but you think she's after his body?
Ki: Unfortunately, yes.

[[Dexter's eyes narrow and he points indistinctly.]]
Dexter: What is it you women SEE in him? What's he got that -I- don't have?
[[Sharon rolls her eyes.]]
Sharon: A waist line instead of an equator?

[[Ki turns her head away.]]
Ki: I can tell Nick is nervous, so even HE suspects she has ulterior motives. I just hope I calmed his nerves some.
[[Sharon's eyes narrow evilly, plotting. She smirks.]]
Sharon: So, are we going to spy on them because you don't trust them?

[[Ki turns, pointing at Sharon.]]
Ki: Of course not! Sharon, you should know better. We'll go spy on them because I don't trust HER.
[[Sharon learns back on the desk, crossing her arms. Her smirk relaxes. Dexter looks nervous. He points to himself.]]
Dexter: "WE"?

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