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[[Nick arrives at Luigi's. The neon sign over the bar confirms the location. He is sporting his light brown overcoat with a shirt and tie underneath. The maitre'D is busy with another couple.]]
Nick (thinks): Okay, Ki wasn't worried about this, so why should I be? Just another business meeting, but with garlic breadsticks...

[[Trish comes in wearing a blue suitcoat. Her hair is down this time.]]
Nick: Hello, Trish. Glad you could make it.
Trish: Thank you, Nick. I made reservations, so they'll seat us pretty quickly.

[[The maitre'D leads them toward their seats.]]
Nick (thinks): See? Formal, business-like... It was all in my head. All that time when I missed Ki's signals had thrown off my radar. Not that it got used much before then...

[[Trish unbuttons the top button on her coat. Nick is behind her, helping her get the coat off.]]
Trish: Will you help me with my coat?
Nick (thinks): Why is this bothering me? I love Ki, and would never hurt her. My imagination is too wild...

[[Nick pulls her coat off, revealing a very tight red dress that only covers one of her shoulders and shows a bit of her left side. Nick looks down, shocked and nervous.]]
Trish: The view gets better up front...
Nick (thinks): I am SUCH a dead man.

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