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[[Ki, dexter and Sharon arrive at Luigi's. Ki is in a little black dress, Sharon is in a reddish dress with a shawl, and Dexter is in his suit and tie.]]
Ki: Okay, here's the plan. First, we'll scope out the place and find them. Then we offer Nick an escape route if needed.

[[Ki approaches the maitre'D. He looks at them very neutrally.]]
Maitre'D: Ah, Mademoiselle. It has been such a long time. Whom shall we be spying on THIS night?
Ki: Very funny. Three non-smoking.

[[Sharon and Dexter are looking for Nick and Trish, while Ki is still arguing with the maitre'D in the background.]]
Sharon: Do you see them?
[[Dexter is using his hand to shield the lights from his glasses.]]
Dexter: Not quite sure...
Maitre'D: I'm afraid our Voyeur section is full at the moment.
[[Ki is losing patience.]]
Ki: Cute.

[[Sharon squints to try and find them. Dexter jumps at seeing them in the distance.]]
Dexter: Yeowza! Um, I think I found 'em, and she's HOT...
[[Ki folds her arms and looks angrily at the maitre'D.]]
Maitre'D: And we're stricktly BYOB. Bring Your Own Binoculars.
Ki: Ha, ha.

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