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[[Nick is getting more nervous. Trish's hand is approaching his.]]
Nick: Um, look, Trish, I'm really flattered at this attention, but...
Trish: All I've said is the truth as I've seen it.

[[Nick tugs at his collar. Trish explains her point with her hands, smiling.]]
Nick: Uh, what I mean is I think we should keep our relationship professional...
Trish: Why? You're a cute geek guy, and I'm a cute geek girl. We should transcend jobs.

[[Nick points to himself and sweats terribly. Trish points to herself, as well.]]
Nick: You hardly know me! How can you base a relationship on just a few hours?
Trish: Who said I wanted a relationship? A night of lustful passion will do.

Nick: This could be interpreted as... IS THAT YOUR FOOT?!
[[Nick jumps a mile, as if struck by lightning. Trish smiles even more coyly.]]
Trish: Giggle! Feels like you could reach over here with something else...

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