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[[Nick stands to leave. He narrows his eyes angrily.]]
Nick: Trish, I'm sorry, but I don't think this is appropriate. I have to leave.
[[Trish is surprised at Nick's reaction.]]
Trish: What? NO! Please!

[[Trish looks down, shamed.]]
Trish: I-I'm sorry! I have this bad habit of coming on too strongly, and I did it again! It's just I... I really like you, and I thought, maybe, you might feel the same way...

[[Shot of Ki standing behind the plant, happy about Nick's reaction.]]
Nick: I'm sorry, Trish, but I don't. I have a girlfriend whom I love, and I'm not about to leave her.

[[Nick turns to leave, Trish stands up, throwing out a plea.]]
Trish: Oh, that's not necessary! I'm perfectly willing to SHARE!
[[Nick AND Ki are shocked and jump at the proposal.]]

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