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[[Ki comes out from behind the bush and crosses her arms. Nick snaps his head around.]]
Ki: I regret to inform you that you can't very well SHARE what isn't YOURS in the first place...
Trish: And who are YOU?

[[Nick furiously whispers to Ki.]]
Nick (whispers): What are YOU doing here?
Ki (whispers): Saving your butt.
Nick (whispers): Because you TRUST me so well to SPY on me.
Ki (whispers): We'll clear that up later.

[[Nick angrily makes introductions. Trish's expression turns to shame.]]
Nick: Trish, this is my girlfriend, Ki. Ki, this is Trish.
Ki: Trish the Tramp. Got it.

[[Nick is upset with Ki's comment. Trish lowers her head.]]
Nick: Trish, the representative of our oldest CUSTOMER...
Trish: Look, I'm sorry. I've overstepped a boundary I didn't know was there. I'm sorry...

[[Nick and Ki turn and leave.]]
Nick: I think it's time for us to leave.
Trish (desperate): Please! We can talk this through! just the three of us at my place!

[[Trish grins, hopefully.]]
Trish: We'll talk, eat, have a threesome... Nick can just watch if he wants...
[[Nick and Ki nearly jump out of their skin.]]

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