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[[Dwayne is walking with Nick in the office and Ki is following them.]]
Dwayne: I'm very sorry to hear about all this, but I'm glad you told me about it, Nick.

Nick: I almost hate to, Dwayne, but Trish's actions were wholly inappropriate. I'm sure it's just a misunderstanding, though, and we can work through it.
[[Ki raises an eyebrow at Nick.]]

[[Dwayne turns to face Nick.]]
Dwayne: Actually, you can't. Mr. Jones informed me that Trish was fired for something unrelated, like misuse of company property.

Ki: I'm sure the janitor will never look at that plunger the same way again...
[[Dwayne gives Ki a VERY stern look and Nick raises an eyebrow.]]
Dwayne: NOW who's being inappropriate?

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