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[[A dark-haired woman stands in a building, looking down over the dump and Dexter, standing up, trying to get his bearings.]]
Lady (thinks): Bah... That man with the mass of a small planet was no help at all. Fortunately, he shouldn't remember anything by now.

[[The lady moves toward the exit of the building, looking once more at the garbage heap.]]
Lady (thinks): He hasn't known Wellington long enough to have the information I need. Oshiro might, but I doubt I can get close to her now.

[[The lady leaves the building and heads for a car. The building has a big sign saying, "City Dump."]]
Lady (thinks): I was too reckless, too direct. But being so close made me impatient. I can't afford such carelessness, not when I'm this close to achieving the goal.

[[The lady stops and looks over her shoulder. Trish's eyes narrow as she looks back at the dump.]]
Trish (thinks): I'll get what I need from you, Nicholas Wellington... Even if I have to KILL you for it...
Narration Text: To Be Continued?

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