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[[Persephone looks on as Nick is working furiously on an invention.]]
Persephone: Goodness... Nick's been absorbed in this new invention for weeks. Whenever he's not at work or with Ki, he's mesmerized my it.

[[Persephone turns to Fred, who is lost in his work on the computer.]]
Persephone: Fred, do you think it's healthy for him to be so lost in his work? He never even looks up. I think... Oh, never mind...

[[Fred is speaking with "LITDEAN" on IRC as "THEPROF."]]
LITDEAN: We are deeply concerned about your your performance. You *did* vanish for months last year...
THEPROF: I explained that. i was under medical examination.

[[Fred types out another message.]]
LITDEAN: Yes, but you failed every single student last semester.
THEPROF: That's because they didn't know the difference between Chaucer and Chopin...

LITDEAN: Then did we neglect to mention we tried to verify your accreditation, and discovered no such person as a "Frederick Physarum?"
[[Fred looks worried.]]

LITDEAN: You're fired.
[[Fred looks around.]]
Fred: Hm... That didn't quite go as well as I expected...

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