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[[Ki is watching Nick work, as Persephone crawls up her back and peers over her shoulder.]]
Persephone: So you're okay with Nick's tinkering?
Ki: Prof. Wisebottom said this would happen. I'll give him 'til seven before I bring him to reality.

Ki: So Fred got fired from his online university gig?
Persephone: Yes. I'm so worried about him. I've never seen him like this...

[[Ki turns to walk into Nick's living room.]]
Persephone: He's becoming depressed and apathetic. He hasn't moved since he got the news.
Ki: Depression's normal when people when they lose their job. We just have to help him.

[[Ki finds Fred in the armchair, holding a beverage can and the remote to the TV, with a gut starting to form. Ki is shocked by the sight.]]
Persephone: Yes, but... Have you ever seen a slime mold with two-day stubble?
Ki: I have no idea how to respond to that.
Fred: <<BURP>>

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