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[[Trent and Dexter approach Sharon and Ki at GPF.]]
Trent: Hey, Sharon. Why is the network so slow?
Dexter: It's like someone is hogging all the bandwidth.
[[Ki and Sharon look at each other.]]

[[The lights go out; Sharon looks around.]]
Ki: Looks like we have bigger problems. The power's out!
Sharon: The UPS kicked in, so the servers should be okay.

[[Sharon stares at the floor, standing next to Ki and Dexter. Dwayne looks upset as he walks toward the basement door.]]
Sharon: Now there's some sort of commotion in the basement.
Dwayne: That's it. I'm getting to the bottom of this.

[[In the basement, Nick is standing, wringing his hands mischievously. Fred is on a workbench. Dwayne narrows his eyes at Nick. Ki and Sharon are right behind Dwayne on the stairs.]]
Nick: Excellent! You're all here! Just when I was going to send Fred to fetch you...
Fred: What am I, a Golden Retriever?

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