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[Comic for Thursday, May 8, 2003]


[[Dwayne whispers to Ki, as Nick is seen making last-minute adjustments to the MUTEX.]]
Dwayne (whispers): How in the heck did Nick build this thing?
Ki (whispers): The inventor's gene. Once he comes up with an idea, he is compelled to complete it.

[[Dwayne, Ki, Trent and Dexter are standing, watching Nick.]]
Ki (whispers): Let's just hope this doesn't lead to another repeat of New York...
Trent (thinks): New York?

[[Nick comes up and explains to Sharon what's going on.]]
Sharon: This explains why you were late for work and the loss of power, but why did we lose bandwidth?
Nick: The MUTEX uses the Internet to research its digital worlds.

[[Dwayne and Ki look over Sharon's shoulder.]]
Dwayne: The Internet? How does it "research" the Internet?
Nick: Why, Google, of course.

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