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[[Nicholas Wellington is unshaven. Trenton Terrell and Sharon Murphy are about to put on Mutex helmets. Other cast members are off-panel.]]
Sharon: So what kind of virtual worlds can we explore?
Nick: Anything! the Mutex will scour the web for the info it needs.

[[Fred the slime mold and Dexter Smith. Dexter is also wearing a Mutex hemet.]]
Fred: In other words, porn and crude online comics...
Dexter: No gloves or suits? So it's just sights and sounds?

[[Nick holds out two pills.]]
No, it's totally immersive. It taps into the sensory centers of the brain, so suits are unnecessary. But before we begin, you must take one of these...

[[Nick and Ki Oshiro. Ki has a hemet above her head.]]
Ki: Ugh. Not the "red pill, blue pill" thing...
Nick: Actually, they're "patriotic" jelly beans, and I ate all the white...

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