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[[Fred the slime mold and an unshaven Nicholas Wellington are to the left. To the right, we see Sharon Murphy, Dwayne Duncan, and Ki Oshiro, all wearing Mutex helmets.]]
Nick: Everyone strapped in? Good. Fred, begin the initilization sequence.
Fred: Yesss, massster.

[[nick puts on his helmet.]]
Nick: To start things off, let's try something simple. Everyone concentrate on one of my favorite movies. That should give us a basis to build on. Ready? Fred?

[[Psychadelic color swirl]]
Nick Now!

[[Trenton Terrell, Dexter Smith, Dwayne, Sharon and Ki are dressed as characters from "The Matrix". Nick is dressed as if from "Tron".]]
Ki: Maybe you should have specified which movie.
Nick: I thought it was obvious.

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