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{{all dialog in this comic is typed instead of spoken. To highlight this, the texts are in a computer-like typeface}}
[[Yoshi is typing on his computer]]
Yoshi: B0R0M1R: so what happened with that mind control chip anyway?
Computer: S1R3N don't know, never got to try it out.

Yoshi: B0R0M1R: ah, "big plan" didn't pan out.
Computer: S1R3N: you could say that. should have tried the chip instead of seducing him.

[[Yoshi looks surprised]]
Yoshi: B0R0M1R: ... i, um, didn't know you swung that way...
Computer: S1R3N: ??? no, you dweeb, i'm *not* gay.

[[Yoshi is even more surprised]]
Yoshi: B0R0M1R: dude... you're a *chick*?
Computer: S1R3N: i see testosterone has shut down yet another brilliant brain...

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