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{{All dialog in this comic is typed instead of spoken. To highlight this, the text is in a computer-like typefont}}
[[Yoshi is typing on his computer]]
Yoshi: B0R0M1R: kewl... a she-hacker. how old are you?
Computer: S1R3N: old enough not to fall for your prepubescent pickup lines...

Yoshi: B0R0M1R: nuts.
Computer: S1R3N: start thinking with your head and not your pants. don't want hormones ruining your potential.

Yoshi: B0R0M1R: hey, i'm hot with the ladies...
Computer: S1R3N: right. i'm sure those certerfolds in the magazines are great conversationalists.

[[Yoshi looks surprised]]
Yoshi: B0R0M1R: holy.... i did it. i finally did it.
Computer: S1R3N: did what?
Yoshi: B0R0M1R: i hacked gpf.

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