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{{All dialog in this comic is typed instead of spoken. To indicate this a computer-like typeface is used}}
[[Yoshi is typing behind his computer]]
Computer: S1R3N: gpf? you hacked the company where your sister works?
Yoshi: B0R0M1R: yeah. just breached the firewall

Yoshi: i never got in with the old sys admin, but maybe this new one is a slacker...
Computer: S1R3N: forget that. find anything interesting?

Yoshi: B0R0M1R: still probing. man, their network is slow...
Computer: S1R3N: you men are always too impatient with your probing...

Yoshi: B0R0M1R: hello? what's this? they've got a new machine i don't recognize what is... "the mutex?"

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