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[[Yoshi and the still unidentified s1r3n, disguised in the MUTEX as Megabyte and Hexadecimal from ReBoot, riding a hovercycle over the edge of a building]]
s1r3n: I still don't understand who we are supposed to be, but at least you can tell me where we are going...
Yoshi: I don't know yet.

Yoshi: The VR system is active, so SOMEBODY is in here. Maybe we can learn more by finding out who that is.

[[Yoshi and s1r3n cross the street high overhead, as Nick and Sharon travel below on their ground cycle]]
s1r3n: I'll take your word for it. I'm just looking for something I could use later...
Yoshi: What does THAT mean?

[[Nick and Sharon, looking upward]]
Nick: Looks like we have company...

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