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[Comic for Sunday, June 1, 2003]


[[Yoshi's mutex avatar (Megabyte from "ReBoot") flies above the street. Down below he sees Nick's and Sharon's avatars riding a motor bike]]
Yoshi: Curses! It's Nick the nerd and that new sys admin, and they have spotted us! Gotta move!

[[Trudy (as Hexadecimal) is riding on the back of Yoshi's flying motorbike]]
Trudi thinks: It's... him...
Yoshi: Use your viral powers to blast them so we can shake them!
Yoshi: S1R3N, are you listening?

[[Sharon and Nick on the motorbike]]
Sharon: Whoever they are, they're getting away!
Nick: We need something faster!

[[Nick snaps his fingers]]
Nick: And I know just the trick!

[[Nick has trasformed the motorbike in to a Tron lightcycle]]
Sharon: You just can't let the "Tron" thing go, can you?
Nick: End of line, programs!

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