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[[Sharon and Nick ride in the lightcycle, as Sharon opens fire with her machine guns]]
Sharon: Hasta lasagna, baby!
Nick (thinking): Where have I heard that before?

[[A bullet ricochets off the vehicle containing Yoshi's avatar and S1r3n's avatar]]
Yoshi: Gah! They're taking pot shots at us! S1r3n, blast 'em!
S1r3n: I... I can't...

[[Sharon looks up at the vehicle as Nick drives]]
Sharon: Um, Nick, if I hit them, it's not going to hurt them, right?
Nick: Shouldn't. They are connected remotely, so their nervous systems aren't tapped in.

Sharon: And us? Our brains are linked to the MUTEX! Can we be hurt?
Nick: I knew there was a subroutine I was forgetting...

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