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[Comic for Wednesday, June 4, 2003]


[[s1r3n and Yoshi as Hexadecimal and Megabyte from ReBoot, respectively, riding a hovercycle.]]
Yoshi: s1r3n, your avatar can blast them with viral energy. Shoot them already!
s1r3n: No! I won't! Not like this!

[[Closeup of Yoshi's face and one hand on the handlebar, as he presses a button.]]
Yoshi: Fine. I'll handle this myself.

[[A view of the side of the cycle, as with two small 'Pfsh!' sounds, a missile is detached, it's engine firing.]]

[[The hovercycle in silhouette from below as the missile's smoke trail curves around, headed by the missile itself racing toward the ground.]]

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