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{{In the previous comic, Nick ordered Fred to execute the "Flush" command, this comic depicts the execution of this command}}

[[Dwayne, in his Morpheus outfit is floating leisurely above a city, arms crossed behind his back and smiling. A white flash surrounds him]]

[[Dexter, in a Klingon battlesuit and matching Klingon forehead-ridges, is raising a Bat'leth high above his head, two ample-breasted Klingon women clinging to him in admiration. Dexter is also surrounded by a white flash]]

[[We see a bedroom, with a two-person bed. Above the bed on the wall is an abstract painting (bearing Jeff's signature embedded in the pattern).
The two-person bed is occupied by two gigling, presumably nude, women, one blonde, the other redheaded. The blankets are pulled up just enough to cover them in decency.
Trent is standing at the foot-end of a bed, grinning and naked. A vase with a small rose is placed very discreetly to conceal Trent's behind. Trent too is surrounded by the white flash]]

[[Ki is reaching her hand out to Todd, just inches from actually touching him, when the flash surrounds her too.]]
Ki: NO!

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