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[[Ki enters the room where Nick is sitting. Nick is looking over his empty, disabled MUTEX]]
Ki: Everyone else has gone home. How are you doing?
Nick: Better, I guess. I decided you're right, and I won't destroy the mutex.

[[Sideshot of Nick and Ki]]
Nick: I don't know why I keep doing this. Velociraptor, this... Each invention I build ends up a disaster. Yet the inventor's gene won't let me stop...

[[Frontal shot of Nick and Ki. Ki lays her hand on Nick's shoulder in a supportive gesture]]
Ki: You're just getting warmed up, Nick. How many tries did it take before Edison created the lightbulb? You're going to make something incredible someday. I just know it.

[[We see the backs of Nick and Ki leaving the room, arms around eachother, hugging closely. The ghostly figure of Todd looks after them]]
Nick: Thanks, Ki. With your help, I believe I CAN make something incredible...

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