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Meanwhile, somewhere in northern Iraq...
[[A Royal Air Force Chinook helicopter lands; crew rush out to unload her.]]

Lieutenant: We've been ordered to give you Yanks a lift. Some chap named "Amadeus" is waiting...
Agent #12: Thanks, Lieutenant.

Agent #12: This year's vacation, I am NOT going to the beach. I've had ENOUGH sand for a while...
Agent #18: Ditto.

Agent #46,656: Will Amadeus LET us have vacation? We did FAIL to obtain the mission objective.
Agent #18: "Slippery Weasel" was called that for a reason, Agent #46,656.

Agent #18: His regime has toppled. Even if we didn't hit him, he's no longer a credible threat.
Agent #12: You've been awful quiet, Agent #6...

[[Fooker, one eyebrow raised in frustration, measures a small distance between his thumb and index finger.]]
Fooker: Missed him by THIS much.

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