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[Comic for Tuesday, June 17, 2003]


[[Amadeus turns to face the agents.]]
Amadeus: Ah, Agents #6 and #12. Good to see you again. I heard your assignment was almost a success...
Agent #12: Hussein managed to elude us, sir.

Amadeus: True. But you drove him pretty far underground, just like Bin Laden. Good work, you two.
Agent #12: Thank you, sir.

[[Amadeus reflects on important matters whilst gazing out the window.]]
Amadeus: Now that "Urban Cowboy's" little war is over, you two can concentrate on more important matters, like tracking down the remaining fragments of C.R.U.D.E.

Amadeus: You look like you have a question, Agent #6?
Fooker: Did they touch on the "Weapon X" story at all in "X-Men 2"?
[[Agent #12 glares at Fooker.]]

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