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[[Amadeus gives Fooker and Agent #12 a packet]]
Amadeus: Thus far, Moldfinger and Dr. Not have been successful in hiding from our agents. We have no solid leads on them, and I doubt we will for a while.

[[Fooker looks at the contents of the packet, which includes a photo of Trudy]]
Amadeus: The FBI caught up with Stratego recently in Nevada, but they lost her before our agents could arrive. We suspect she is still in the American south west, trying to establish internet contacts.

Fooker: Then we're after her first, right?
Amadeus: Actually, no. We have a solid lead on Dr. Nefarious, who was spotted in southern Florida two days ago. You two will intercept him.

Agent #12: Both of us? Wouldn't it be more efficient to send just one?
Fooker: Besides we just spent three months on assignment together, and we can't stand each other's guts.

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