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[[Fooker and Agent #12 are standing in front of Amadeus]]
Amadeus: Your efficiency argument is valid, #12. Our units are spread thin at the moment, and we could easily use one of you on other assignments.

Amadeus: We also had a costly loss with the botched "Operation x86" recently. We lost several agents and valuable equipment in that raid...
Fooker: (thinking) "Operation x86?"

[[Amadeus gives Fooker and Agent #12 envelopes]]
Amadeus: But this is top priority now, and we must slay the serpent before it rises once more. That is why I'm sending not one, but two of my top agents. Here are your assignments.

[[Fooker and Agent #12 look at their assignments]]
Agent #12: Sigh... I just spent three months with this clown, so I suppose it can't get any worse.
Fooker: "Mr. and Mrs. Jones, on their honeymoon..."

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