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[[Fooker is changing while Agent #12 changes behind a folding screen]]
Agent #12: Three months in the Iraqi desert with you, and now I have to pretend to be your newlywed bride...
Fooker: Hey, I'm not thrilled about this either.

Fooker: Frankly, I'm getting tired of all this, Maddie.
Agent #12: Tired of what?
Fooker: The whole secret agent gig.
Agent #12: Oh.

Fooker: I miss being a geek. I haven't hacked hardly anything in ages. They've released whole versions of Perl since I last coded. I miss my friends... especially my girlfriend...

[[Agent #12 comes out from the screen wearing a dress]]
Agent #12: Oh, yes. Your mythical girlfriend. What was her name again?
Fooker: Um... what were we talking about?

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