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[Comic for Sunday, June 22, 2003]


[[An airplane takes off from an airport in Miami]]

[[Fooker and Agent #12 walk through the terminal]]
Agent #12: Our first priority is to find our contact and locate Nefarious...
Fooker: Our first priority, "dear," is to keep our cover. We're supposed to be newlyweds, remember?

Agent #12: And your point is?
Fooker: Start acting like a newlywed, Ms. Ice Queen. People are watching. Plant a big wet one right here.

[[Agent #12 punches Fooker]]
Agent #12: Sorry it wasn't wet, but it was definitely planted...
Fooker: This marriage isn't going to last...

Agent #12: Our contact is a K. Off Lozenge. He is with a pharmaceutical group in Ft. Lauderdale. We can recognize him by his chronic allergies and bronchitis.
Fooker: Ah, let me guess...

[[Agent #12 and Fooker approach a corner with someone on the other side]]
Fooker: ... his code name is "Sore Throat."
Mentho-lyptus : Actually, #6, it's "Mentho-lyptus." (cough)

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