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[[Fooker and Agent #12 meet Mentho-lyptus]]
Mentho-lyptus: "There is an old Irish saying: never bolt your door..."
Fooker: "With a boiled carrot." You must be "Mentho-lyptus.

[[Mentho-lyptus gives Fooker an envelope]]
Mentho-lyptus: Correct, Agent #6. (cough) I have information (wheeze) here on your target, Dr. Nefarious, last seen (koff) near Key West.

[[Agent #12 reads papers from the envelope]]
Mentho-lyptus: I've chartered you an island (hack) tour. You are to meed (cough) a girl named Mary Ann, who will lead you (wheeze) to the Doctor's hideout.

[[Fooker reads the papers]]
Fooker: An island tour, a girl named Mary Ann... If some fat guy hits me with his hat and calls me "little buddy" I'm outta here...
Mentho-lyptus: I would, but I get winded easily (koff)...

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