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[[A small boat zips across the ocean under a clear sky.]]
Mary Ann Honeypot: As far as I can tell, Nefarious set this underwater base up years ago, but never used it until recently.

[[Our view pulls in much closer. Mary Ann Honeypot, Maddie O'Hara (Agent #12), and Fooker sit in the boat, their hair whipped about by the wind. Mary Ann sits behind the wheel while Fooker is doing something inside a small chest.]]
Mary Ann Honeypot: My guess is he kept it as a fall-back hideout. In case of a big loss like last year in New York.
Agent #12: Sounds reasonable.

[[We look over Mary Ann's shoulder as Fooker speaks.]]
Fooker / Agent #6: So how do we get to the base?
Mary Ann Honeypot: We'll have to dive. We'll go just inside international waters and go down.

[[We pull back again to see all three agents. Mary Ann smiles as she speaks.]]
Fooker / Agent 6: And just how did you find this base?
Mary Ann Honeypot: Someone needs to remind the good doctor to shield his reactor better. Radiation's a dead giveaway.

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