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[[Aboard their small boat on the open ocean, Mary Ann Honeypot stops the boat before turning back to Fooker and Maddie O'Hara (Agent #12).]]
Mary Ann Honeypot: Here's the dive spot. I'm loading the exact location into our GPS devices.

[[Mary Ann hands Fooker one of the devices.]]
Mary Ann Honeypot: We'll also need to be extra careful as both sharks and ecoterrorists have been known to frequent these waters. Take your pick of which is worse.

[[Maddie pulls her hair back as Mary Ann smiles.]]
Agent 12: I see three sets of scuba gear, but only two wetsuits...
Mary Ann Honeypot: Oh, I usually dive naked. I only wear this at the dock so the landlord won't complain.

[[Maddie seems surprised as Mary Ann gives Fooker a coy look. Fooker, on the other hand, seems frozen in shock.]]
Agent 12: [incredulously] Really?
Mary Ann Honeypot: [smirking] No, but it's fun to watch your friend seize up like that.
Mary Ann Honeypot: It's warm enough, so we don't need the wetsuits.

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