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[[Mary Ann Honeypot leads Maddie O'Hara (Agent #12) and Fooker / Agent #6 now that they are underwater in scuba gear.]]

Mary Ann Honeypot: [gesturing into the distance] There's a small reef over there. The entrance to the base is hidden inside it.

Mary Ann Honeypot: [staying behind] I can't follow, or else my cover will be blown.
Fooker / Agent 6: Of course. Check back in two hours.

[[Fooker / Agent 6 and Agent 12 continue swimming. Fooker gestures to Agent 12.]]

Agent 12: Why did you motion for me to switch radio channels?
Fooker / Agent 6: So I could warn you privately...

[[Fooker / Agent 6: We're about to become victims of a trap.
The two protagonists are shown in a reflection off of a video camera on the ocean floor.]]

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