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[[Fooker and Maddie (Agent #12) sputter, cough, and gasp as they attempt to recover. They pull themselves up on their hands and knees as water pours off of them. In the foreground, two shadowy figures, also soaking wet, aim rifle muzzles in their direction.]]
Voice: [Off-panel] Get up, dead meat.

[[The viewpoint changes. Fooker, in the foreground, looks up to see two grunts holding what appear to be M-16s. Behind them, the silhouette of a woman with long flowing hair is visible.]]
Woman: The Doctor has been expecting you...
Fooker: I'll bet he has...

[[Maddie gives Fooker a sideways glance.]]
Maddie: What tipped you off about the trap?
Fooker: Really, #12. You don't watch enough TV. Where ever Mary Ann goes...

[[Our view pulls back as the pair look up. A woman who looks similar to "Ginger" from the TV show "Gilligan's Island", complete with an evening gown and mole on her check, steps out of the shadows. One of the armed goons remains visible behind her.]]
Fooker: ... Ginger is sure to follow...

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