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[[As Fooker and Agent #12 (Maddie O'Hara) kneel inside Doctor Nefarious' submarine, the doctor's two henchwomen, Mary Ann Honeypot and Ginger, interrogate them. Fooker, Maddie, and Mary Ann are all wet, having just been pulled in from the ocean.]]
Mary Ann: Are the prisoners secure?
Ginger: Yes, but this one knew about your double-agent status...
Mary Ann: How?!

[[As Fooker speaks, we see his mental image of a scuba diver with a distinctive bird emblem on his left arm.]]
Fooker: Quite simple, really. What tipped me off was the assassin at the dock. The emblem on his arm was a phoenix, which just happens to be the emblem of an elite arm of MI5, the British secret service. I suspect he was there to assassinate you, not us, but I played along long enough to follow you to the base.

[[Mary Ann crosses her arms across her chest. Ginger watches her, while Maddie gives Fooker a sideways glance.]]
Mary Ann: Hrmph. Lucky guess...
Fooker: And an unshielded nuclear reactor just off the Florida coast? Nefarious is nuts, but not stupid...

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