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[[Fooker is in Dr. Nefarious' underwater base with Agent #12, Ginger, and Mary Ann]]
Agent #12, Ginger, Mary Ann: Bomb?!
Dr. Nefarious: This is ludicrous!

Dr. Nefarious: You have no bomb! As I said, my girls would have found one if you did! You're stalling for time!
Fooker: Am I now?

Fooker: I knew about Mary Ann's double cross, so I swallowed an explosive pill. Once my stomach acid dissolves the case, we'll all be in Davey Jones' locker.

Dr. Nefarious: I fail to see what this has to do with a Monkee, but you're bluffing! The UGA has no such technology!
Fooker: Care to call my bluff?

[[Dr. Nefarious looks away from Fooker for a moment]]

Dr. Nefarious: Heh... girls, stuff him into the torpedo tube instead...
Fooker: (thinking) Um, that sort of backfired...

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