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[Comic for Wednesday, July 9, 2003]


{{In this comic, Maddie is wearing a bikini, and both Fooker and dr. Nefarious a bermuda short and blouse}}

[[In the left of the panel, Fooker is looking angrily at Dr. Nefarious, who is holding a bound Maddie hostage with a poisonous sea-urchin in his gloved hand]]
Dr. Nefarious: Now, my dear, you will watch helplessly as James Baud meets his untimely demise...

[[Shot of Maddie bashing Dr. Nefarious back with her body. Dr. Nefarious lets the sea-urchin fall, and it flies through the air. Also, the doctor bumps into a small lever, which goes "clik"]]

[[The surprised doctor gets it even more, as Maddie, with her arms still bound behind her back, launches her knee into the doctor's stomach, dropping him prone]]

[[Dr. Nefarious is lying on the ground in front of the "camera", a sad, defeated look on him. Behind him, Maddie towers over him, with Fooker looking at her in mild surprise]]
Maddie: Sorry... I don't play the damsel in distress...

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