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[[We see Dr. Nefarious' underwater base from outside, a mini-submarine containing Dr. Nefarious speeding away, while the shapes of Fooker and Maddie are visible inside, behind a window. Maddie's speech is weak due to her poisoning (unsteady lines for her text-balloon)]]
Fooker: Nefarious is escaping that submersible!
Maddie: We have to... go after him!

[[the shot focuses on Fooker and Maddie, inside the base. Maddie is convulsing with pain from the sea-urchin poison and sweating heavily. Fooker is beside her]]
Fooker: Not in you condition! The toxins...
Maddie: No time! He activated the... self-destruct... sequence!

[[Close-up of Maddie, sweating like mad, slightly opening her eyes and looking at Fooker]]
Maddie: There's another... submersible. Go after... him. Leave me... I'm expendable...

[[Fooker is carrying Maddie away. Maddie is hanging like putty in Fooker's arms, already weakened by the poison. In the background we see the ominous lever that activated the self-destruct]]
Fooker: No doin', Maddie. You're coming with me...

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