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[[An underwater shuttle bearing the number "2" only just clears the enormous bubbling cloud resulting from the self-destruction of Dr Nefarious' secret underwater base. Debris flies everywhere, even close past the mini-sub]]

[[Inside the mini-sub, we see Fooker lying (it's a very tiny mini-sub) behind the controls, Maddie resting on Fooker's back (We told you the sub was tiny), sweating heavily, and apperantly only just staying concious. A small bottle is visible in the foreground]]
Maddie: We... made it...
Fooker: Not quite yet. Hand me those antacid tablets.

[[Closer shot of Fooker downing two antacid tablets. Maddie opens her eyes slightly and eyes Fooker sceptically]]
Maddie: What.. do you need... THOSE for...?
Fooker: To counteract the explosive pill.

[[Maddie's eyes are now wide open in a mix of surprise, shock, worry and fear, even despite her continued sweating and obvious poison-induced weakness. Fooker is giving the reader a melodramatic look]]
Maddie: You mean there really WAS... an explosive pill?
Fooker: Or is he STILL bluffing? Gotta keep everyone guessing...
{{side note: fourth wall breaking, Fooker refers to the readers of the comic, of which he should technically not be aware, enhancing and at the same time parodying his movie-like James Baud image}}

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