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[[A wide shot of a large sailing boat, the "Bluepeace", sailing across a turquoise sea. A few figures can be seen on the boat]]
Sir: Blast it! Where ARE they? Our sources said they'd be here!

[[On the boat, we see two people, one stereotypical hippie, long hair, beard and a shirt with every color of the rainbow, and one blonde girl in red bikini. The man is scanning the horizon with a pair of binoculars]]
Blonde: No sign of them, Sir. We've been out here for days, and we're running out of tofu. Perhaps we should turn back.
Sir: Grrrr...

[[On the other side of "Sir" we see two more people, one surfer dude without a shirt on, and one African with a bright green crewcut, sunglasses and a blue shirt. "Sir" is still holding the binoculars]]
Surfer: All the oil tankers are double-hulled now, and off-shore dumping is no longer in vogue.
African: We're losing eco-terrorists to fight...

[["Sir" is grabbing the African man by the shirt and shaking him vigorously, looking angry. "Surfer" is pinching his nose in disgust of a smell]]
Sir: Is that APATHY I smell on you, son? We must NEVER give up the fight to save Mother Earth from mankind's environmental rape!
Surfer: Apathy? Smells more like HEMP...

[[A large plume of water is hurled up besides the boat, an underwater explosion... "Sir", still holding the African, looks shocked, with a twitch in his face.]]

[[In the background, the blonde girl is looking in shock at a Geiger counter. "Sir" has a look on his face that would not be unworthy of captain Ahab seeing Moby Dick, furious, and with morbid determination]]
Blonde: Th-the Geiger counter just went through the roof!
Sir: Atomic dumpers? Haven't taken them on in years! Sic 'em!

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