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[[Agent #12 is sitting up in a hospital bed. Fooker is in a chair by her side. An IV bottle is visible on the right.]]
Agent #12: What happened to Nefarious?
Fooker: He was picked up by a Bluepeace ship, which thought he was an eco-terrorist.

Fooker: Eventually, the Coast Guard convinced them to hand him over, and he's currently in FBI custody.
[[Dr. Nefarious grimaces as he is handcuffed by an angry-looking Coast Guardsman. Bluepeace members look on disapprovingly, one with crossed arms.]]

[[Back in the hospital room]]
Agent #12: And you brought me here, didn't you?
Fooker: Fast as I could. Haven't left your side except to update Amadeus.

Agent #12: That's really ... sweet of you ...
Fooker: Hope you don't mind, but I ate your Jell-O ...

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