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[[In a hospital. Maddie O'Hara is sitting up in a hospital bed. An I.V. is in her arm. She is talking to Jason "Fooker" Barker, who is off-panel]]
Maddie: Than you, #6... Jason. You saved my life back there, and brought Nefarious to justice. That was excellent.

Maddie: On top of that, you've always treated me with respect, aside from your jokes. Not even my parents--biological or adoptive--ever saw in me as much as you do.

Maddie: I've been wrong about you Jason. You're a great agent, and I'm starting to see you as a great friend. In fact, we should have a few days in Florida...What do you say to spending some time...

[[Fooker has fallen asleep in the chair next to her]]
Fooker: <<Z>>
Maddie: ... apparantly catching up on sleep...

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