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[[Fred and Dexter are talking, Dexter extends his arm]]
Fred: First off, let's can the trekkie quotes. Secondly, unless you want my slime all over you, I don't shake hands.
Dexter: Um, sorry.

Fred: Dexter -- that is your name, right? Just act normally. Treat me as you would any of your coworkers, and we'll get along fine. Just don't sit on me in the conference room.

Fred: You've shown a lot of respect by just coming to apologize. That Trent fellow never did that...
Dexter: Oh, Trent's okay. I'm sure he'll be by to talk soon...

[[Trent is in another area in the GPF offices]]
Trent: (thinking) I wonder if I could sell that blob of goo to a science lab somewhere...

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